The Trio

By Heian
Casually met in a gig in Oberstdorf Germany in January 2012. Coming from different music and life experiences, The Trio decided to start a new Project. Playing around for the german and the italian audience, experimenting new sounds and trying to melt everything together, they start composing own music.
In a deep mix of different genres and ranging from their roots, the Blues, heading to Swing, Rock&Roll, and trying to cover something that was not really their nature, bossa, funky and psychedelic sounds, The Vipers Trio is able to amaze the audience with explosive and colorful sounds that create a unique Power Groove.
Finally The Vipers Trio is releasing his first Record Album, in which You can hear the evolving process and the musical growth of their Sound.



Alex Chierichetti



Nicolò Buffetti



Martino Malacrida




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