The Trio’s Gear Setup

Posted: 17th giugno 2013 by Guitar in Gear, General

Alex Gear : Guitars played always on stage are

  • Miss Pin up- Fender Stratocaster assembled 62 Warmoth Neck and custom body 3 tones sunburst black pickguard and 3 PurpleSound Pickups Vintage Tremolo.Ghs Lowtune strings set 58-13 tuned half step down
  • Big Brotha-Fender Stratocaster 66 body and neck Olympic White tortoise pickguard all stock original set.Ghs boomers strings 50-11
Guitar Effects:
Tc Electronic Minipolytune-Boss Delay Dm3 Japan-Mxr Dunlop Univibe Hendrix Anniversary-Dunlop Hendrix Silicon Fuzz Face-Spaghetti Guitar Tools Twin Screamers (Tubescreamer 808 chips)-Analog Man The King of Tone Normal Gain-Voodoo Lab Proctavia-Vox Clyde McCoy 848 Wha-Fender Reverb by the amp


Fender SuperReverb 1975 Silverface equipped with 4 10″ Fender speakers

Fender Bassman White 1962 Head and Speakers box Orginal

Fender The Twin Red Knobs 1989 with two 2 12″ Fender Speakers 100w




Nico Gear : Basses used on stage are:

  • Fender Jazz Bass 74 Sunburst Maple NeckBlack Pickguard and two PurpleSound Pickup-Ghs Bass Boomers 100-45
  • Fender Precision Bass MIJ 89 Olympic White Rosewood Neck Tortoise Pickguard 1Precision PurpleSound and 1Jazz PurpleSound pickups Ghs Bass Boomers 100-45
  • Squier Fender Jazz Bass Japan Vintage Sunburst 82 Rosewood Fretless Neck Black Pickguard 2 stock pickups-Galli strings 100-45 flat


Aguilar 500W head linked with Epifani UL310 Cabinet 3 Neodinium 10” Speakers and no effects-

TraceElliot Boxer65w

  1. Elisa scrive:

    i’m a bass player and i love your olympic white bass. I have a Sunburst bass too, that is a Japan Squier Jazz bass and i want an olympic white too.

    i hope to see you Nico in London soon :)

    20 Kingly Street, Soho, London

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